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CRDOWNLOAD file is a partially downloaded file. So it doesn’t contain all the information from the originating file. That’s why typically conversion will fail on this file even if you remove CRDOWNLOAD file extension from it. Conversion applications require all information to be present to be able to finish the conversion process.

Still it may be possible to view content from filename.ext.CRDOWNLOAD file by removing CRDOWNLOAD file extension and trying to open it in an application which can open files with .ext file extension. For example if you partially downloaded .txt file you still will be able to view part of the content which was already downloaded. But this probably won’t work for PDF, DOC, MP3, MP4 and many other document and media files since file needs to be read whole by the application.

Since conversion of CRDOWNLOAD file often may be not possible it may be preferable for you to try to resume download of the file in Chrome Downloads section. To do this navigate to Chrome->Window->Downloads and look for a file you are trying to open. It will have the same name but without CRDOWNLOAD extension.

Also if you are unable to convert CRDOWNLOAD file you can try to download it again. You can either find an URL from where you originally received the download or you can go to Chrome->Window->Downloads menu and try to find URL of the file there.

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