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Download Managers

Download manager is an application which can download multiple files simultaneously. Download functionality available in browsers is frequently limited to one at a time file download. It is enough for many users but there are several types of download tasks which require more advanced software. Such tasks include:

  • Downloading large number of files. Download managers can take URL of the folder or web page from where download should be started and will proceed with downloading entire folder content or all files which are linked from the web page.
  • Recursive download. With download manager you can download not only the files on the initial page but all the files referred from the web pages which this pages links to.
  • Download from via FTP or other protocols. Download managers provide quick and effective way to download files using FTP or other protocols.
  • Prioritized download. You can set priorities for each file or folder being downloaded to prioritize what needs to be downloaded first and what can wait.

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