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Large Files Download

There are many different cases when you may need to download large files from the internet. Operating System images, movie files, Disk Images, large applications installation files all take significant amount of space and will take a while to download. Also it could be problematic to download such files when internet connection is not stable.

One way to download such files could be by using a browser which has functionality to resume failed download. Latest version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are able to resume failed downloads in limited cases.

But to be able to resume almost any download it is better to install a download manager.

If your file is available via torrent file sharing protocol then you can use Torrent download managers to download it. All torrent download managers support download resume after pause or crash.

If you are unable to download your large file even with download manager then it may makes sense to ask website owner of the file to split it into multiple pieces using any archiver application and share it with you.

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