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Save Webpage with Dependencies

Computer users often need to access a certain web page content when they are offline. One way to do it is to copy and paste its content in a document editor application like Microsoft Word. If you need to save information from a table you can also copy paste from the browser to Microsoft Excel. But when you perform copy and paste operation from Internet Browser to a document editor or spreadsheets editor layout of the content often gets broken and you end up with hard to read document.

Instead of saving web page content to a document you can take screenshots of the webpage or photos of it with your smartphone. It is very easy to do but in case of multi-page content it could be quite hard to read the content later and you won’t be able to copy and paste textual content of the page. Some OCR apps on smartphone may allow scanning the image of the text and translating it into actual textual information but accuracy of such process is typically not great especially if you do it on photos.

A better way of saving web pages could be using browser “Save as..” functionality. Any modern browser have an option in the File menu to “Save as…” content of the web page. “Save as…” typically saves content of the page including all images and other files needed for rendering. When you save a web page using this mechanism you will end up with an HTML or HTM file and bunch of supporting files on your disk. To open saved webpage in browser you need to open HTML or HTM file and it will open stored webpage in browser.

For more complex web content download tasks you could use wget tool. It is available as part of Mac OS or Linux installation. For Windows you can download it from

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