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Open CRDOWNLOAD File on Windows OS

CRDOWNLOAD files are generated by Google Chrome to store downloaded content while it is being downloaded.

On Windows operating system CRDOWNLOAD files are typically located in the “Downloads” folder. You can navigate to this folder by opening Windows File Explorer and clicking on the “Downloads” folder in the sidebar on the left.

Size of CRDOWNLOAD files could vary depending on what file is being downloaded. If large movie or operating system installation file is being downloaded, then CRDOWNLOAD file could become as large as the downloaded content. Still you won’t need more space on the hard drive then the size of the file you want to download. CRDOWNLOAD file will store all the information that was downloaded so far for the file and when download is complete the file will be renamed. Thus, at no point you will have two files with downloaded content.

CRDOWNLOAD files are very effective mechanism to determine whether content was successfully downloaded. If CRDOWNLOAD file is present it means that download is still in progress and it is too early to use the file. But if the CRDOWNLOAD file is not present and the actual downloaded file is available then it means that download is complete, and the file is ready for use.

If you think download is stalled and the CRDOWNLOAD file is not used by Google Chrome browser anymore, then it is safe to delete CRDOWNLOAD file. Even if CRDOWNLOAD file from an active download is deleted it won’t cause any malfunction in the PC. In the worst case you will need to restart the download from the Google Chrome browser.

Besides CRDOWNLOAD files on Windows OS you may also encounter files PART files which serve similar purpose to the CRDOWNLOAD files but are generated by Mozilla Firefox web browser. PART files are also located in the “Download” folder and store downloaded file content while it is being downloaded.

On Mac OS you can encounter files with DOWNLOAD file extension which are generated by Apple Safari browser and have the same function as CRDOWNLOAD and PART files.

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